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Food menu, dinning on Nairobi Mombasa train

Nairobi - Mombasa Train Food Menu.
Traveling with Nairobi - Mombasa train offers you a great menu to sample. Though the menu changes from time to time kindly find sample menu mostly provided while on dinning car.

Inside Of The Dinning Car.


The dining car is resplendent in 60's decor, red leather seats, old pictures of white hunters with their killers, pristine white tablecloths, silver cutlery and somewhat chipped china plates. The mustard pot was shining amidst the myriad of condiments on the table.


Dinner times: There are two or three sittings Main course of roast beef with potato puree& veg. Beef cooked to leathery consistency, I can't stand overcooked meat. Anyway, about the rest of the plate, you decide. for dinner depending on the number of passengers, this is booked with the Dining Car steward who after departing Nairobi / Mombasa, will visit each carriage (if you prefer the first sitting, which is the most popular, Ist dinner seating 8.45pm and second one 9.45pm

Food Menu




Bar - There is a bar you can buy drinks

Train Food
Breakfast is open from 6am to 8am

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