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Delivery and Pick-up of The Train Tickets
Nairobi - Mombasa Train Tickets Collections

Nairobi - Mombasa Train Tickets.Train booking in advance paying by wire transfer or by online payment with credit card you can pick your tickets on the following options:

1: Nairobi / Mombasa airport: Train tickets can be delivered at Nairobi airport or Mombasa railways booking office.
2: Train Station: Collection of train seat tickets at Nairobi or Mombasa train station.
3: Hotels: Train tickets can be delivered at your hotel, guest houses, apartments in Nairobi or Mombasa city.
4: Travel / Tour Agent: Travel train tickets can delivered to your travel agency or tour operator
5: Offices Tickets can be dropped to relative or friends in Nairobi or Mombasa within CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT offices.

All tickets will be delivered with a delivery note and with envelope reading clients names, train travel dates and passanger class booked.

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Nairobi Mombasa Train Tickets Booking
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